What to Expect

Sophie’s Art Camp is a jam-packed week of creativity and fun, where each child can explore different forms of art and design. Each day of the camp will have a different theme with a strong focus on nature, the world around us and sustainability.

We offer a range of materials – everything from oil pastels to shaving foam, and an even bigger range of techniques – everything from brush on paper to painting with remote control cars!

Some of our activities are listed below. Please note that not every camp includes all of the below, but we pack in as much art and as many techniques as we can for each group!

  • General painting, drawing and picture making
  • Salt painting
  • Finger and handprint painting
  • Bubble art
  • Papier-mâché and ‘tissue-mâché’
  • Clay work and modelling
  • Collage
  • Lantern making
  • Stained ‘glass’
  • Printing with nature
  • Crafting with nature
  • Crafting with recycled materials
  • Ice painting
  • Bubble wrap painting
  • Shaving foam marbling and puff painting
  • General decorating ie. plant pots or candle painting